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Become an Agent

Al-Taqwa Halaal have Independent Sales Agents that service selected areas around South Africa

Do you want the opportunity to become an Independant Sales Agent for Al-Taqwa Halaal in your suburb or community?

If you’d be interested in such a business opportunity and would like more details please dont hesitate to fill out the form below, contact us on 011 837 1921 or WhatsApp us on 061 519 7522 or email us at and we'll get back to you!

How it Works


Step One

You get orders from your neighbours, family, friends and colleagues living in your area


Step Two

We prepare & pack our fresh chickens and/or beef for you


Step Three

You collect from us and distribute to homes in your area/suburb


Step Four

Your contact details will appear on our website as a distributor in your area.

Independant Sales Agent Application Form

Fill out the form below and let one of our admin agents get back to you.